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New Home Plans

We have a range of new home plans, which can be modified or we can build your plan or we you can have a home designed free of charge

6 star ratings a farce, here is what to do about it

6 star ratings will keep you warmer in winter, cooler in summer and use less energy but much of the industry uses a cop-out method to achieve the rating, which does not deliver what really should be achieved with new home plans. It is unbelievable that the government allows it to continue as it flies in the face of its objectives.

Site Costs

Site costs are an important consideration in the cost of your home. Unfortunately, many builders use this as an opportunity to claw back the cost of their so called bonus or extra free inclusions. Prime-Metro does not inflate site costs. We endeavour to provide the site works at the lowest possible price

We can design anything you want.

If you have a preferred look for your home, just contact us and arrange to send us a pic and we can design your home behind that facade.

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