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Sloping Blocks

Looking for sloping block builders? No Problems

Sloping blocks are no problem. If one of our standard new home plans do not suit then we will modify a plan or better still, design a home for you free of charge.

What are the issues with sloping blocks?

  • Lack of commitment - for many builders, they simply do not want to spend the time required to visit the site and work out how to organise your home to suit the land.
  • Luckily, we love the challenge so it is no problem for us.
  • Extra time -sure it takes extra time to build on a sloping block but not too much extra. Construction can be held up, especially in the early stages if it is particularly wet and muddy. This is simply because the machinery required on site may literally slide down the hill.
  • Also, sloping blocks slow the tradesmen down due to negotiating terrain, heights and occupational health and safety requirements.
  • All of this is easily catered for and might add two or three weeks but certainly not months or a year.
  • Waste of time - (Warning: this is not designed to scare you off, it is just to make you more aware) It is true that many clients have an unrealistic expectation of what extra costs apply to a sloping block. Hence, many builders just opt out because more clients waste their time with lack of funds than those that can proceed.

Overtime, we have seen many blocks of land bought and re-sold two or three times because the clients were given unrealistic expectations by the land seller or someone else. The land looked cheap but the extra costs involved in construction crashed their budget.

A common misconception is that putting a garage underneath the house will somehow reduce the costs as it occupies the same floor space as above. Not true, a garage underneath effectively makes it a two storey home and two storey homes cost more.

Ok, time for the good news

We will not promise you that a sloping block does not cost more than a flat block but we will promise you the following:-

  • we will work with you to create an economical design to suit you and the land
  • we will design your home and provide you with a realistic quote free of charge
  • our pricing is extremely competitive
  • our workmanship is second to none
  • we will build your home in a timely manner

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